Listed are the posts for December 2011.

Using New Year’s as an Emotional Benchmark

Another year is ending, and many people use this time to make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to do things differently in our lives.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of making changes that are externally motivated (i.e. the calendar page turning), rather than internally motivated (i.e. you are ready for the change). […]

Dealing with Your Anger

Today, I was cleaning out the fireplace and thinking about embers and how they can stay alive for days after a fire, even though they look spent. You can’t just stick them in the trash or vacuum them because they could reignite. They need to be disposed of properly, so that there is no danger […]

The Silent Treatment vs Stonewalling

Occasionally, I am able to respond to comments on this blog, and today is one of those times.  In response to the post “Dealing with the Silent Treatment,” Meltdown asks what the difference is between “stonewalling” and the silent treatment.  Here is the gist of the comment: “My husband shuts down, walks away or completely […]

Act Like You Deserve Love

Telling yourself that you deserve love is one thing, but actually believing it and acting like it is something else. If you grew up believing that you don’t deserve love, then that belief has ruled your relationship actions for your whole life. Lifelong actions become habits. Turning those habits around takes awareness and practice. If […]

Following Through with Consequences

Some days I just hate to give consequences.  The ensuing tantrum from my daughter is no fun to deal with.  I often hope that the threat of the consequence is enough to get her to listen to me.  I’ve definitely learned that I need to be ready to back up whatever consequence I tell her […]

Money and Emotions

I’ve been meaning to write about money and emotions for a while now.  Yesterday, I felt inspired to do so after reading a blog entry entitled “Why Financial Literacy Fails (and What to Do About It). In it, the author states that the behavioral aspect to spending needs to be  addressed as much as financial […]

Not All Silence is the Silent Treatment

I’ve written quite a few posts about the silent treatment, and have gotten very many responses from people who are on the receiving end of it.  I also have had a few responses from people who believe themselves to be silent treatment givers.  Some of the people who are on the silent side of things […]