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Swallowing the Conflict to “Keep the Peace.”

Conflict is messy.  Not many of us are skilled at it.  Sometimes, it is tempting to try bypass it altogether to “keep the peace.”  I’m not talking about choosing a battle because a particular issue is not a big deal.  I’m talking about when someone crosses a line and you feel violated but decide to […]

The Joy of Facing a Fear

My daughter is learning how to pedal bike, which means she is also learning quite a bit about facing her fears. Recently, she learned to pedal small distances without me holding her bike. This increased rather than decreased her fear of falling. For a while, the better she got, the more scared she was. The […]

“Handling” Conflict by Ignoring the Problem

Recently, my daughter had her very first splinter in her foot.  This splinter was obviously making her uncomfortable: she was favoring one foot and wincing as she walked around.  I told her that we needed to take the splinter out, and that it might hurt a bit.  Well, she was not interested in having a […]

Worrying about being “That” Person

How often have you wanted to do something, but were afraid to because you wouldn’t want to be “that” sort of person?  Perhaps you want a little more attention from your partner, but are afraid to ask, because you don’t want to be that self-absorbed, narcissistic attention hog.  Maybe you want to ask for a […]

Crashing into Trash Cans

My husband’s parents once told me the story of how he learned to ride a bike. Apparently, he hadn’t quite figured out how to brake, and the concept scared him.  His solution was to ride full-speed into a group of trash cans.  For some reason, this was a less scary way to stop than braking- […]