Listed are the posts for February 2009.

The Silent Treatment vs The Cooling-Off Period

In relationships, not all silence is the Silent Treatment.  Sometimes, one partner needs more time and space to think than the other partner does.  This is perfectly fine; however, if you are left wondering what your partner’s silence means, then something very important has not been communicated.  You should not have to ask the question, […]

The Silent Treatment is About Control (Formerly Titled “Why Do People Give the Silent Treatment?”)

 *3/26/2014* This post was originally titled “Why Do People Give the Silent Treatment?”  The previous title was not accurate in describing the contents of this post, since this post is really about only one aspect of the silent treatment: control.  This post is directed toward the person on the receiving end of the silent treatment […]

Wanting The Person Who Hurt You to Hurt As Much As You Do

Many TV shows and movies are about revenge. In the general plot of most crime shows, the wrongdoer is not only captured, but the detectives interviewing them make sure to let this person know just what a scumbag he or she is for what they did.  Often, there is also some tasteless joke (if the […]