Listed are the posts for July 2008.

Muzzle Bonking

Dogs have many different reactions to fear- some cower, some attack.  For years, we had the kind of dog that reacted to her fear by attacking- and she had a bottomless well of fear and anxiety.  Liver  was a muscular, hyper Dalmatian who came into the world with faulty wiring in her nervous system- constantly tense […]

Your Lover’s Potential is Not Yours- It is a Trap.

Falling for another’s “potential” is a common but dangerous trap in relationships.  You meet someone and inside they are just so brilliant, creative, sweet, wonderful, talented- but sadly they just don’t seem to know it.  You see something in them that they can’t see for themselves.  You love them so much, and you just want […]

Dealing with the Silent Treatment

I like to look at my website statistics, to see how people find this site.  The keyword phrases can be pretty interesting- I get many people looking for “Zacatecas ice cream.” Many people are also looking for help with finding love, keeping love, and navigating relationships.  While I can’t really offer much help in the […]

The Mind- A Blessing and A Curse

Recently, I watched the movie “Murderball” which is an excellent documentary about a powerful, tough, and inspiring group of quadriplegic rugby players.  There is much that is worth seeing in this film, so I highly recommend it.  Today, I am focused on one quote in particular, by team member Andy Cohn, while describing the period of rehabilitation one […]

“You Think You are So Special!”- An Abuser’s Mantra

One day, my husband and I were riding our bicycles around town.  We arrived at a crosswalk that has a sensor for bikes, and when you ride over it, lights on the “Pedestrian Crossing” sign flash, and cars are expected to stop as you bike through.  As we approached, the lights flashed, and we started […]