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Do You Really Have to Love Yourself in Order to Be Loved?

In my twenties, I was involved in an off-again, on-again relationship that I am certain made all who witnessed it feel a little crazy. This person and I broke up and got back together so many times over a period of three and a half years, I lost count. One day, I was finally done […]

The 30 Day Emotional Challenge

Recently, I discovered an interesting article on a financial blog titled “Kickstart New Habits with a 30 Day Challenge.” It lists some great ideas for trying to save money, reduce clutter, and earn more money.  I like this concept because it is a great way to try on a new habit to see whether it […]

Act Like You Deserve Love

Telling yourself that you deserve love is one thing, but actually believing it and acting like it is something else. If you grew up believing that you don’t deserve love, then that belief has ruled your relationship actions for your whole life. Lifelong actions become habits. Turning those habits around takes awareness and practice. If […]

Getting the Love You Deserve

If you are asking the question, “Do I deserve love?” then you probably were treated as if you didn’t at some point in your life, most likely during your childhood. You were born deserving love- every one of us was.  If you did not get that love, for whatever reason, then you sustained a tragic […]

More on The Silent Treatment

  Since I wrote about the silent treatment on this site, traffic has increased- many people are looking for help in this particular department.  The following was asked by a reader named Tammy, and I thought I might bring it up as an entry and do my best to address the questions asked: I found this site […]

When You Love Someone Who Treats You Badly

When you love someone who treats you badly, it is difficult to make sense of it.  Your friends don’t get it, nor does your brain, but still you just can’t seem to help yourself. The love feels so strong and powerful that you put up with or overlook the ways your partner treats you poorly. […]

Deserving Love

When you feel like you don’t deserve love, you might feel as if love is something that everyone else gets, but you never will.  It can be frustrating to watch all sorts of other people find love, keep love, and make it look easy.  Some people even seem to take love for granted.  Meanwhile, you […]