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Scapegoating Others for Our Emotional Situations

Yesterday, my daughter was in a terrible mood.  She didn’t eat enough, and she skipped her nap.  The littlest things would trigger the biggest tantrums.  Whoever happened to step on the landmine of her bad mood was the person she thought was causing the bad mood.  For a three-year-old, this makes perfect sense.  Screaming from […]

Learning to Use Words

My daughter recently turned three, and this is an age of great leaps in communication skills for her and her friends. When she started going to school in January, she experienced conflict with other classmates that sometimes turned physical, with her on the receiving end of pushes, head-bonks, bites, etc. The first time this happened, […]

Knowing and Communicating Your Limitations

When you meet someone that you want to be liked by, you might be tempted to hide your limitations for fear that you won’t get a chance to have a relationship with that person.  This holds true in personal and business relationships.  You perceive that this person will reject you if you can’t give them […]

Communicating Your Intentions in Relationships

The way a person drives speaks volumes about they way communicate. Today, for example, I was at a four-way stop sign. There was a car stopped at the same time, directly across from me. The driver started to move forward without flashing a turn signal, so I assumed that she, like me, was going to […]