Listed are the posts for June 2008.

I Can’t Change My Gears, They’re Broken!

When I was in college, I rode around on a ten-speed that may as well have been a one-speed.  I’d had this bike for years, and never learned how to change gears on it, so whatever gear it had been in when I got it, that was the gear I’d bike around on.  One day, […]

Ready-Made Garden, Ready-Made Relationship

When planting a garden, it is tempting to put in full-sized plants so that your garden is completely filled in as soon as you are done planting.  The problem with this is that very soon, your garden will be overcrowded, and you’ll need to divide and thin many of your plants.  Dividing is hard work, […]

Hollywood’s Version of Love Isn’t Very Truthful

It is very difficult to find a Hollywood movie that depicts a truthful relationship.  Most depict relationships in one of two ways.  The first involves two people who fall madly in love, often portrayed through a montage of happy activities set to music (my husband calls this “The A-Team Sequence”).  Inevitably, someone messes up, and […]