Category: Money and Emotions

Learning from our “Failures”

The other day, I ended a frustrating long term relationship with my raspberry patch. For about eight years, I tried many things to make the patch bear fruit. Every year, it would flower abundantly, bees would pollinate the flowers, and then the flowers would shrivel up and die. Every year, I would get my hopes […]

Learning Who We Are by Puzzling Our Selves Together

The other day, my daughter and I saw an interesting drawing: it was of a puzzle being put together by a child who was in the puzzle itself.  My daughter had questions.  Why was the child in the puzzle?  Why was the child doing a puzzle?  She forced me to think about this drawing in […]

Knowing and Communicating Your Limitations

When you meet someone that you want to be liked by, you might be tempted to hide your limitations for fear that you won’t get a chance to have a relationship with that person.  This holds true in personal and business relationships.  You perceive that this person will reject you if you can’t give them […]

Emotional Decluttering

After reading an article about doing a financial 30 day challenge, I decided to try the article’s suggestion to sell one thing on Ebay per day for 30 days.  There’s a lot of clutter in our house, and even though we give some things to charity on a regular basis, there are other things that […]

The 30 Day Emotional Challenge

Recently, I discovered an interesting article on a financial blog titled “Kickstart New Habits with a 30 Day Challenge.” It lists some great ideas for trying to save money, reduce clutter, and earn more money.  I like this concept because it is a great way to try on a new habit to see whether it […]

Money and Emotions

I’ve been meaning to write about money and emotions for a while now.  Yesterday, I felt inspired to do so after reading a blog entry entitled “Why Financial Literacy Fails (and What to Do About It). In it, the author states that the behavioral aspect to spending needs to be  addressed as much as financial […]

Gratitude for the Heartbreaks and the Mistakes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Giving thanks tends to conjure up images of the good things in life: abundance, love, health, wealth, and so on.  I recently have been thinking of times in my life that were very difficult or painful, but in the end shaped me and gave me something rich.  I am […]