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Words Don’t Make the Whole Picture

We live in a world that values words over most other things, and many powerful moments get drowned in the constantly verbal torrent.  Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that there is any way to make an impact without using lots of words, and it is hard to understand the impact that can be had in […]

Learning to Have a Balanced Relationship with the Internet

Earlier this year, I noticed that my relationship with the computer and the TV screen was out of balance. Both were getting more of my attention than the people and things in front of me. It took a family road trip during spring break for me to become aware of what was going on. On […]

When Things Stop Being Too Precious or Not Precious Enough

Last night, I tried to make some fresh pasta and the dough got gummed up in the pasta maker, probably because it was too moist. I got frustrated and started to toss all the dough into the compost, but my daughter insisted that she make dinner out of the dough. I was in a horrible […]

Why Do We Share What We Share on the Internet?

I have the Internet on my mind lately, and today I am thinking about how much of our lives we share with the public via social media and blogging. I often struggle with how much to share about my life and my children, and how much to keep private. Today I read a blog post […]

Cyber Judging, Cyber Guilting: How Is it Helpful?

This morning on my Facebook feed, I saw a link judging a woman’s parenting out of context.  It was a link to a blog post about a mom on her iPhone written as if it were a letter to her, explaining all that she was missing out on while ignoring her three kids at the […]

Learning to Use Words

My daughter recently turned three, and this is an age of great leaps in communication skills for her and her friends. When she started going to school in January, she experienced conflict with other classmates that sometimes turned physical, with her on the receiving end of pushes, head-bonks, bites, etc. The first time this happened, […]

Being with Things As They Truly Are

I haven’t written in this blog for a while because my household has been doing what I call “Immunity Boot Camp.” All of us have had multiple illnesses since our daughter started preschool in January. Needless to say, writing here was on the bottom of the to-do list. It may still be a low priority […]

Knowing What is Important

It is easy to get caught up in the rush of activity that comes with a busy and full life. We revert to autopilot as we rush around, and this affects all of our relationships. If you are in autopilot much of the time, it is difficult to switch back to the present moment. You […]

Using New Year’s as an Emotional Benchmark

Another year is ending, and many people use this time to make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to do things differently in our lives.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of making changes that are externally motivated (i.e. the calendar page turning), rather than internally motivated (i.e. you are ready for the change). […]

Boredom as a Self-Awareness Tool

Today, I was reading a blog entry about boredom- it was titled “Boredom Is Our Enemy.” I found myself completely disagreeing with this concept, so much that I had to comment. That wasn’t enough, though. Now I must make my own blog entry about what can be learned from our boredom. Boredom is one of […]

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