Listed are the posts for May 2008.

Unsticking from the Wall- A Leap of Faith

I have only gone rock-climbing once in my life, and that was enough for me.  My siblings adore this activity, so they introduced it to me one year at Joshua Tree.  When I reached the top of my first wall and it was time to come back down, I felt completely stuck.  I was roped […]

The Emotional World Is Not Flat, Either

Sometimes, we act as if the world of our emotions is flat, a two-dimensional sort of place.  We may very badly want something to turn out a particular way.  That desired outcome stands in the future, on the edge of a flat world.  We picture it turning out the “wrong” way, and believe that we […]

The Botanical Revolutionary

The first place I lived after college was Eugene, Oregon- a town with many unusual but endearing characters.  One day, my roommate came home and said, “I met this funny guy. He calls himself a botanical revolutionary, because he likes to plant dandelion seeds in sidewalk cracks and perfect lawns.”  As coincidence would have it, […]

Avoiding Issues by Trying to Ignore Them: Denial and the Thumb

One day, I was washing a window, which is an activity I don’t much care for.  I was in a big hurry to be done with it.  Suddenly, the window fell onto my thumb and I was stuck. For a moment, I went straight into denial, took the cloth from my trapped hand and continued […]

A Plant in the Wrong Conditions

The other day, I walked past a garden alongside a building.  There was a beautiful, single yellow iris blooming against the wall, but barely visible because there was a giant bush in front of it.  This seemed tragic to me.  Here, this gorgeous flower is baring itself to the world, but hardly anyone will see […]

Rawhide for Water

The other day, our dog Maude was walking around with a rawhide clenched in her teeth.  She walked over to her water bowl, and clearly wanted a drink, but was unwilling to drop the rawhide to get the drink.  She was holding on to it out of fear of losing it; a fear that comes […]