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Communicating about Taking Space in a Relationship- An Alternative to the Silent Treatment

Often in a relationship, there is one person who needs more personal space than their partner. It can be hard for someone who doesn’t require much space to understand their partner’s need for it. Often, that need can be interpreted as rejection. If you are someone who needs more space than your partner, it can […]

The Silent Treatment vs Stonewalling

Occasionally, I am able to respond to comments on this blog, and today is one of those times.  In response to the post “Dealing with the Silent Treatment,” Meltdown asks what the difference is between “stonewalling” and the silent treatment.  Here is the gist of the comment: “My husband shuts down, walks away or completely […]

Not All Silence is the Silent Treatment

I’ve written quite a few posts about the silent treatment, and have gotten very many responses from people who are on the receiving end of it.  I also have had a few responses from people who believe themselves to be silent treatment givers.  Some of the people who are on the silent side of things […]

The Pain of the Silent Treatment and What It Might Be Telling You

Recently, in response to my post “Dealing with the Silent Treatment” a commenter expressed frustration with being given the silent treatment, and the lack of advice in how to feel better.  Here is an excerpt from the comment: “I can’t just suddenly go about my daily life acting normal. I don’t get why you’d fake […]

No Gender Has the Lock on Emotional Issues

I get a lot of comments on this blog, mainly in response to my posts about the silent treatment and ultimatums in relationships. It seems that some people believe that one gender tends to be more prone toward emotionally dysfunctional behavior.  For example, many readers believe that the silent treatment is a guy thing.  I […]

Disengaging from the Silent Treatment

Many people struggle with the silent treatment as a form of conflict in relationship. The dynamic tends to be as follows: one person withdraws attention from the other, who then responds by trying to get their partner to break their silence.  The more the recipient of the silent treatment attempts to break their partner’s silence, […]

The Silent Treatment vs The Cooling-Off Period

In relationships, not all silence is the Silent Treatment.  Sometimes, one partner needs more time and space to think than the other partner does.  This is perfectly fine; however, if you are left wondering what your partner’s silence means, then something very important has not been communicated.  You should not have to ask the question, […]

Mind-Reading, Guessing Games, and Communication Breakdowns in Relationships

“If you don’t already know, I’m not going to tell you.”  In some relationships, this is a classic response to the question, “Is something wrong?”  One person unwittingly offends the other.  Instead of speaking up, the offended person withdraws, often into the silent treatment, expects the offender to read his or her mind, and becomes angry […]

More on The Silent Treatment

  Since I wrote about the silent treatment on this site, traffic has increased- many people are looking for help in this particular department.  The following was asked by a reader named Tammy, and I thought I might bring it up as an entry and do my best to address the questions asked: I found this site […]