Listed are the posts for April 2008.

A Compost Miracle

I recently switched my composting to a tumbler, from an open pile.  The old open pile is mostly decayed, and pretty tall.  In the fall, we couldn’t keep up with the volume of potatoes we’d gotten from our farm share, so some of them got tossed and left for dead. Or so we thought.  Recently, […]


Near my neighborhood, I often used to see a man pushing an ice cream cart with the word “Zacatecas” painted on the side.  I just assumed that “Zacatecas” is Spanish for “ice cream.”  One day, I was having ice cream with a friend and his father.  His father only speaks Spanish, so I excitedly pointed […]

Judgments Like Bellybuttons

When I was in high school, all the bad-ass boys drove Mustangs.  My brother called them “bellybutton cars” because, like bellybuttons, everyone seemed to have one.  Of course, looking back, only certain heavy metal fans with mullets really had them at the time, but that’s not the point.  My real point is to describe a […]

A Bowling Ball For Wilma

Fred Flintstone would always give Wilma a bowling ball on her birthday.  Every single year, she’d get something that would make a better birthday gift for Fred.  He never really figured out what she wanted, and repeatedly gave her what he would like to have for himself. In relationships, we all can be a bit […]

Story Time: The Golden Windows

There is a story called “The Golden Windows” by Laura E. Richards.  I read it as a child, and it made an impression.  Every day, a boy sees a house in the distance with shining windows made of gold and diamonds.  One day, he decides to find the house, and wanders until he does.  When he gets […]

Jogging Rorschach Test

When I was in college, I loved jogging.  I was like Forrest Gump; running and running and running.  It got to where people recognized me, and asked if they could run with me, and most of the time, I said yes.  Now, I was not a fast runner, but I could run very long distances. […]

Bringing Meaning Back to the Habitual

If you have been involved with someone or something for a long time, there are words and actions that become habitual, due to their frequency.  We may end up losing some of the meaning behind our words and actions.  So, saying “I love you” to a partner can become something we say when we may […]