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You Invested Energy into It, but That Doesn’t Mean You Should Keep It

Yesterday, I cut back two of my largest rosebushes for spring.  It always seems impossible that the roses can survive such pruning, but every year, they grow back even better than the year before.  I planted these roses when they were in one-gallon pots and each about a foot tall, and they’ve grown into massive […]

Breaking Free from Hopeful Illusion: The April Fool’s Edition

In the comic strip “Peanuts” the character Lucy is a bully, and perhaps her most famous mean trick is the football swipe: She tells Charlie Brown that she’ll hold the football for him, then swipes it away at the last minute and he falls. I hated this story line as a child. I got frustrated […]

When the Silent Treatment Feels Like Your Only Option

Almost six years ago, I wrote my first post about the Silent Treatment.   I wrote it from the perspective of someone who is on the receiving end of the silence, and it struck a nerve with many people who have been given the silent treatment.  I had no idea that it would touch such a […]

Ending a Relationship by Using the Silent Treatment

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to look at the key phrases people use to find this website. A surprising amount of searches follow some form of “Should I break up using the Silent Treatment?”  It is as if the searcher is hoping that if they ignore their partner, the relationship will magically go away.  […]

Emotional Decluttering

After reading an article about doing a financial 30 day challenge, I decided to try the article’s suggestion to sell one thing on Ebay per day for 30 days.  There’s a lot of clutter in our house, and even though we give some things to charity on a regular basis, there are other things that […]

Finding the Courage to Leave a Relationship

Leaving a longtime relationship, even the most unhealthy one, can be incredibly difficult to do. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. You might have a million questions. Who will you be without this relationship? How will you get by? What will you do with all the extra energy that you poured into being […]

A Breakup Disguised as an Ultimatum

I once overheard a person describing her frustration with her partner to a friend.  It was clear that things were not working out in the relationship, that she had reached the end of her rope and truly wanted to call it quits.  She listed her many grievances, and stated that she was tired of being […]