Listed are the posts for February 2012.

Sharing the World with Others

Being a toddler, my daughter struggles with the concept of sharing with others. She likes to play with friends, but she also wants to have things go exactly her way. She gets frustrated when they don’t. She is learning a painful but important lesson about what it means to live in the world with other […]

Telling Your Partner What You Want- The Valentine’s Day Version

A common relationship dynamic is the loaded question. You want something specific from your partner.  Instead of stating the desire, you ask a seemingly innocent question with a correct answer in mind.  If the question is answered incorrectly, you punish your partner for getting it wrong.  Maybe you want a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day, […]

Knowing What is Important

It is easy to get caught up in the rush of activity that comes with a busy and full life. We revert to autopilot as we rush around, and this affects all of our relationships. If you are in autopilot much of the time, it is difficult to switch back to the present moment. You […]

Learning Who We Are by Puzzling Our Selves Together

The other day, my daughter and I saw an interesting drawing: it was of a puzzle being put together by a child who was in the puzzle itself.  My daughter had questions.  Why was the child in the puzzle?  Why was the child doing a puzzle?  She forced me to think about this drawing in […]