Listed are the posts for October 2008.

Political Discussions, Relationship Discussions

Right now is a very charged and tense time in our country.  The election is drawing rapidly near, and it seems that the country is again split in half.  The candidates are calling each other names, and we are being inundated with negative ads.  Tensions are running high between people who hold opposing political views. […]

More on The Silent Treatment

  Since I wrote about the silent treatment on this site, traffic has increased- many people are looking for help in this particular department.  The following was asked by a reader named Tammy, and I thought I might bring it up as an entry and do my best to address the questions asked: I found this site […]

Imagination is a Powerful Tool

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.  But without it, we go nowhere.”  Dr Carl Sagan As children, most of us were encouraged to use our imaginations.  Some of us had imaginary friends, some of us believed that our stuffed animals were living companions, some of us believed in Santa Claus, and […]