Listed are the posts for March 2008.

Respecting Dormancy

Spring has a way of sneaking up on me every year.  Months go by without any green, and then all of a sudden, little plants are shooting up everywhere I look.  The earliest flowers have already been blooming for weeks: forsythia, daffodils, crocuses.  It is almost past time to get the early vegetable seeds in […]

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Most people have had this happen: you wake up from a deep sleep and you can’t feel your arm.  You might not even be able to find it at first- maybe it is tucked behind your head, or under your back. So, you take the sleeping arm into your waking hand, and put it where […]

Death, William Shatner, and Vinny

On his album “Has Been” William Shatner has a lovely song about death called “You’ll Have Time.”  He manages to be simultaneously funny and poignant.  Repeatedly,  he states, “Live life like you’re gonna die….’cause you’re gonna.”  This brings to mind my friend Vinny, who I met when he was dying of cancer.  He was 35, […]

Chapter Four: Ousted Mouse

If mice have been ensconced in your home for a while, they will become very resistant to the idea of any sort of change, especially if they have had unlimited access to food, such as that left out for your pet.  As you remove food sources and set traps, the mouse population goes down.  The […]

Chapter Three: Boundary Mouse

Mice easily enter a house that has openings, warmth, and easy access to food.  Basically, they will come in as far as you let them, and take whatever you leave out for them, whether it is nesting material or food.  To keep them out, you have to seal the cracks to the outside, and keep […]

Chapter Two: Power Mouse

I read an article recently, on how to get rid of mice.  The last sentence said something about not letting the little rodents get to you too much, and to remember that we humans are bigger than them. It is easy to feel helpless or overwhelmed when mice invade your home.  The truth is that […]