Listed are the posts for December 2007.

Cleaning out the Refrigerator

Yesterday, I decided to clean out the refrigerator, because looking inside had become a stressful experience. There was an enormous bag of turnips that came a farm we had a share with this fall. I finally admitted to myself that I really don’t like turnips at all, and try as I might, I could not […]

Endings, Beginnings

The year is drawing to a close, and a new year is just days away. I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, because they tend to make us look at ourselves as if we’re not good enough, as if our lives aren’t good enough. Our accomplishments and lessons are ignored, and we focus on how we […]

The Relationship Dynamic of “Over-watering, Under-watering”

With plants, if you water too much or too little, the results are similar- the plant will get stressed, and if nothing changes, will die. People who over-water their plants tend to not trust that the plant will make it without their constant tending. They just keep pouring water on, and the roots can’t breathe, […]


My six-year-old nephew told me a story. He was in school, and he bumped into a girl who got very upset with him. This made him feel mortified, so he started to cry. His teacher told him something that seems to have changed his entire perspective on life. As he described her words, he threw […]


A couple weeks ago, I walked down my street and was surprised to see a neighbor’s house being torn down. I was struck by just how quickly a house goes down, since it takes so long to build one. I was also caught off guard by just how much material that could have been recycled […]

Biking up a Mountain

When I used to bike tour, I discovered an interesting thing. If I was pedalling up a mountain, I would project into the future how miserable I was feeling. Suddenly, it wasn’t just the mountain that was hard, EVERYTHING else would be just as hard, in my mind. Finding a place to camp? Miserable. Going […]

Quiet Children Hatching their Devious Plans….

It seems to be a pretty well known fact: if a child is suddenly quiet in another room, chances are that said child is up to no good. Some people learn this the hard way, thinking, “Ah, at last, Susie is self-entertaining, and I can relax!” Then they discover that the “self-entertaining” resulted in quiet […]