Individual Counseling

My practice is a blend of counseling and art therapy for individual adults of all ages in the Boulder area. I am trained in both traditional talk counseling and art therapy. Some people prefer the traditional talk therapy, others like to explore art therapy, and some a combination of the two. In addition to talking and art making, I utilize deep relaxation, mindfulness, and visualization techniques. These techniques help you to bring focus into your body, which is where emotions are stored.

I have helped people work with issues such as depression, feeling stuck in life, anxiety, powerlessness, emotional eating, relationships, parenting, and unlocking the authentic (or true...) self. I've seen people overcome obstacles that seemed impossible to surmount in the past. Old patterns and issues take a lot of energy to stay in place, so facing and releasing these issues brings a lot of new energy into a person's life. This frees a person to focus on living life, enjoying their relationships, finding satisfying work, and thriving.

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