Boulder Art Therapy

Art therapy sparks our innate creativity and imagination to solve problems and issues that we can't wrap our logical brains around. Sometimes, talking about these things just does not seem to be enough, and making art cuts through many of the stories and beliefs we have about ourselves. Art making gives us direct access to the side of the brain where emotions are stored, so that they can be experienced more viscerally.

It doesn't matter how much art experience you have, because the sort of art making I facilitate has nothing to do with artistic skill, and everything to do with finding the form of emotional expression that best suits you. My hope is to help you to rediscover the feeling you may have experienced as a child, when art was a fully unselfconscious and heartfelt outpouring of whatever was inside at the moment. Can you imagine some of the unexpressed emotions, fears, or desires that want to come out and be seen? I can help you to bring the unexpressed parts of yourself into the open in a way that feels safe and understandable.

Sometimes, stepping back after a burst of expression becomes art, we see things that we may not have realized were present before. That is the beauty of art therapy. If you are expressing yourself verbally, the words are gone once they leave your mouth. With art therapy, whatever you have expressed is now in front of you. My job is to help you see what it is you are looking at. By this, I do not mean that I interpret the artwork. Instead, we engage in a discussion of it, and we are curious together while we explore this unknown part of yourself. I also encourage you to learn the language of your art, so that you can use it on your own to work through issues that life throws your way.

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